RacketLogger Rating Process

The RacketLogger league strives to be focused on fun and skill improvement, not pure competition. The most fun is when matches are played among players whose relative level to each other is somewhat similar. This provides the maximum enjoyment and it also arguably leads to the most amount of improvement in skills.

The players register a relative rating system as the season progresses. At the end of the season, this rating can determine the outcome of changes in the player play level. This in turn determines which league level that player can sign up for next.

Note that we reserve the right to tweak this algorithm to compensate for feedback related to overrating/underrating players.

Rules for Rating

The following rules are introduced by RacketLogger for rating leagues:

Moving Levels


A score of “6-4, 1-6, 6-0” means:

If the same winning player above plays a subsequent match and gets a +12 rating, the average for these two matches is (8+12)/2 = +10.

If the losing player in the example above now plays a match and gets a +16 rating the average would be (-8+16)/2 = +4 for those two maches.