Scheduling your Matches

These are some guidelines to schedule matches with your opponents.


The Week column is meant to suggest the main week scheduled to play a match. However, matches can be played at any time as long as all parties involved agree. If both parties agree to play the matches after the deadline (hover over or tap on the date range to see it), send a message to the league founder to have the deadline extended.

For example: “Feb 13 ~ Feb 20” means you should try to play starting between February 13th and February 20th.

Busy schedules and weather could change things.

If you hover over that range (or tap/hold or double tab in mobile devices), it should show a tooltip indicating the deadline by which this match should be played. Try very hard to schedule your game by then. Otherwise your opponent may call a Default if you cannot schedule a game by then.

If you need to, your league’s founder will be able to make exceptions to this and extend the deadlines by a week to account for weather or other events. Email the league founder to ask for exceptions.

Generally, you can feel free to attempt to schedule matches with your opponents as far in advance as you want to.

Contacting Opponents

Most people schedule matches for the next one or two opponents in their schedule.

You should first contact the next player, quickly introduce yourself and mention your preferences for play times, e.g., evenings after 6pm, Saturday mornings after 11, Sundays after 3pm, etc.

Your match schedule page provides links to email (clicking on the envelope should start a message with a small template to get you started), telephone or Whatsapp.

Order of Play

It’s not required to play in the same order as your schedule shows.